Find Out if You Have an Insect Problem

Find Out if You Have an Insect Problem

Hire us for insect inspection services in Concord, NH

Insects can cause serious property damage if they fly under the radar for too long. It's important to get your property checked for signs of insect damage to avoid costly future repairs. Premium Home Inspections provides detailed insect inspection services.

We follow an extensive checklist that helps us look for all kinds of problems, including damage caused by:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter ants
  • Carpenter bees
  • Wood-boring beetles
Protect your home from creepy crawlies. Call 603-303-1060 now to schedule an insect inspection in Concord, NH or the surrounding Manchester, Nashua and southern New Hampshire areas.

Find out how you can get a free insect inspection

When you hire Premium Home Inspections for a whole-home inspection service, you qualify for a free insect inspection. Yes, you heard that right. We'll throw in a free insect inspection with your whole-home inspection.

Contact us today to arrange for home inspection services in the Concord, NH area.