Home Inspection Services for Homeowners

Home inspection services for homeowners are conducive to a well-maintained property.


Imagine for a minute you’re on vacation with your family at your favorite family-oriented all-inclusive resort.

Relaxing by the edge of the pool with your legs and feet half-dipped in, you create small swirls on the surface of the cool water as you move your legs in a tiny circular motion while soaking up the warmth of the glaring sun. Sipping on your favorite tropical drink you feel you have little to worry about in life other than what your next frosty beverage will be — ahhh, the vacation life!

Priding yourself on how well-maintained you’ve kept your home since your pre-sale home inspection 10 years ago, you don’t think twice about what could go wrong while you’re away. As you watch the kids splashing in the pool and enjoying themselves, something terrible is happening… what you don’t see is that your well-cared for home is creating a pool of its own.

Due to an inconspicuous (although covered in green patina) pinhole leak coming from the main water line to the hot water heater, the pipe has just burst becoming an enormous deluge; your recently finished basement has been turned into an indoor swimming pool — “No Diving Please.” The deluge continues for the next 4 days destroying everything it comes in contact with, in addition to mold spores covering unreached surfaces such as the ceiling.

After your short but worry-free vacation officially comes to an end,  you walk into your pristine home to hear the dreadful sound of water gushing from below your feet; your well-cared-for dream home has just become every homeowner’s nightmare.

You fly down the stairs, locate the leak, and shut-off the main water line. “How could this happen?” you ask, but this is just the beginning. It’s time to call your insurance company.

Protective Measures

Most home insurance policies will cover sudden plumbing failures, however, if the failure is due to deferred maintenance issues such as a corroded and leaking pipe or ‘normal wear and tear’ you may have a challenging claim ahead of you. Issues stemming from these kinds of failures are typically not covered.

If you want to know what the green patina is and how it pertains to copper, check out Wikipedia’s article on Aquirred patina. In addition, the folks at hisplumber.com explain why green spots form on copper pipes in our home’s plumbing system. In short, it stems from corrosion.

Home inspections services for buyers or sellers are not the only scenario in which a home inspection should be performed. Home inspection services for homeowners are there to provide peace of mind and to discover such issues before they become immensely expensive problems.

Home inspectors are trained to look for such indications of deferred maintenance and report the observations to the homeowner before they become a catastrophe. In this case, if a home inspection was recently performed as preventative routine maintenance the likelihood of discovering the issue before the pipe let go may have given the homeowner a chance to repair the issue and prevent such a loss.

Be Diligent

Don’t wait for a costly scenario to happen, stay diligent. It’s the little things that turn into big things. If you’re currently a homeowner and it’s been several years since you’ve last had a home inspection performed, it may be a good time to schedule a home inspection with Premium Home Inspections.

Our certified master home inspector, Dominic Scuderi, will walk you through the home inspection process noting any defects, deferred maintenance issues, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and provide you with a detailed report of the observed findings. When finished you’ll come away with true peace of mind knowing you’ve remained diligent and understand the exact condition of your property.