Home Inspection Services for Buyers

Pre-sale home inspection services for buyers are optional. However, no one wants to think about foundation issues or leaking pipes in connection with their new home. Additionally, any lenders will want to know the condition of the property prior to underwriting.

Who’s Responsible

It’s well-known that buyers are responsible for having the pre-sale home inspection performed and shoulder the cost of any inspection services. Because the buyer is covering the cost of the home inspection, Premium Home Inspections works on behalf of the buyer, not the seller, which is favorable to the buyer.

Who Should Attend

There are several immediate reasons why all home buyers and their agents should attend a scheduled home inspection.

For starters, the buyer is paying for the inspection out of their own pocket, thus, the buyer and agent should check for the inspector’s thoroughness and be observant to the property being examined.

While shadowing the home inspector, it gives the buyer and agent a chance to take a close look at the property and may provide an opportunity to bring any observed concerns to the inspector’s attention.

As the property is inspected the inspector can explain any defects found, in-person, giving the buyer and/or agent a chance to ask additional clarifying questions pertaining to those issues or concerns.

Should the Seller Attend

Because the buyer is the one paying for the inspection and potentially buying the property, it is more often than not recommended that the seller not attend the pre-sale inspection. If the seller wants to really sell their home, they’ll make it as stress-free as possible for the buyer by not imposing on the process. However, there is nothing preventing the seller from attending the inspection.

If a seller would like to better understand their home’s condition before a scheduled pre-sale inspection, they may want to consider paying for a pre-listing inspection.

New Owner, New Obligations

Buying a new home is not only exciting it’s also a large commitment. After the home inspection is performed and all the binding paperwork is signed, the buyer then becomes the homeowner and is now financially responsible for all maintenance and repairs.

Considering buying a home is such a large commitment, the time to get as much information about the property as you can before signing a purchase agreement is during the home inspection. Once complete the home inspection is then documented in a well-written inspection report and provided to the buyer and agent.

Negotiable Repairs

It’s not the home inspector’s job to say what is or is not negotiable due to repairs, but knowing what the property needs for repairs may open the door to negotiations for those repairs. If you would like further information on negotiating repairs, take a look at the article written by

Limitations, Exceptions, and Exclusions

There are a number of limitations, exceptions, and exclusions which may apply during a home inspection, therefore, it’s in the buyer’s best interest to have a master home inspector complete a thorough inspection. To see what is/not included in a Premium Home Inspections basic home inspection service, review the Premium Home Inspections Standards of Practice.

Let our master home inspector, Dominic Scuderi, deliver you heartsease by providing you with a complete examination and inspection report of the property. Spend the cash, be informed, and schedule a home inspection with Premium Home Inspections.

To see our list of inspection services and pricing, visit Premium Home Inspections Home Inspection Services Cost.