Home Inspection Services

There are several reasons why a home inspection would be needed when it comes to purchasing, owning, and selling a residential property. Premium Home Inspections offers a variety of New Hampshire residential inspection services based on an individual’s needs.

Home Inspection Services for Buyers

For new home buyers and real estate agents, having a pre-sale inspection is integral to the home buying process as it aids the potential buyer in making an informed buying decision. Pre-sale home inspections are performed to help the buyer learn and understand the condition of the property. In understanding the condition of the property, it may leave room for negotiations for repairs if there are any deferred maintenance issues discovered.

Home Inspection Services for Homeowners

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. New Hampshire homeowners may wish to have a property thoroughly examined by Premium Home Inspections to limit potential risks that may cause safety issues or losses. Much like taking your car in to have it inspected and maintained, a thorough examination of the property for existing homeowners may extend the life of a home, maintain property value, and help alleviate future costly repairs.

Home Inspection Services for Sellers

New Hampshire homeowners who wish to sell their property may want to have a pre-listing inspection performed. Having a pre-listing inspection performed on the property before it goes on the market has several benefits including pricing the home more accurately, improved buyer confidence, and a reduction in stress. Also, by having a pre-listing inspection performed when the market is competitive, some buyers may be willing to accept the pre-listing inspection report.