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Selling your home for top dollar is the main goal for nearly every homeowner when the time to sell comes. Home inspection services for sellers can sometimes be equally important in the selling process as it is in the buying process.

Many people assume that during the home buying and selling process a home inspection should be completed by the potential buyer pre-sale of the property.

Although the buyer should always have a pre-sale inspection performed, in some cases it would also be in the best interest of the seller to have a pre-listing inspection performed.


When a potential buyer schedules and completes a home inspection, this can lead to a few common scenarios which benefit the buyer. Remember that the goal is to get top dollar at the time of sale? If there were numerous observations made which were deemed defective, a safety issue or labeled as a deferred maintenance item, the buyer can ask or do several different things:

1. The buyer can ask the seller to complete the repairs prior to purchase
2. The buyer can negotiate a lower asking price
3. The buyer can simply walk away from the deal altogether

These scenarios are not conducive to a speedy sale and only detract from the end goal of receiving top dollar. The buyer may be in the mindset of paying less than the asking price and will use these defect observations as a bargaining tool.

By having a pre-listing inspection completed before the property goes up for sale, you'll have an advantage over the buyer in getting your asking price.


A pre-listing home inspection can provide several benefits to the seller:

1. The seller can complete any repairs necessary using the contractor of their choice in a timely manner without being rushed.
2. Knowing the exact condition of the property will aid in making an informed pricing decision.
3. After making any necessary repairs, chances are you'll get close to your asking price.
4. Having a pre-listing inspection report will improve buyer confidence, especially when they have their inspector examine the property and discover that the issues or defects are few and far between.
5. You'll reduce your own stress by knowing the condition of the property and won't be surprised with any issues at the time of the pre-sale inspection.

Although there are many benefits to having a pre-listing inspection completed, there are also some caveats to it:

1. The inspection may reveal issues that cannot and should not be ignored.
2. Disclosure laws. If you're subject to disclosure laws this information must be passed onto the buyer. If you're a New Hampshire resident, review your disclosure obligations here.

We purchase property for a number of reasons, however, when it comes to the sale of the property we focus on one thing - profit. If you want to sell your home for top dollar, be diligent and schedule a home inspection with Premium Home Inspections before placing it on the market.

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