Basic Inspections ( Insect Inspection and Report Included )
Type Price
Single Family Home (6 Rooms of less) $365
Each Additional Room $25
Two Family $450
Three Family or Larger Ask for Quote
Detached 1 Car Garage $25
Detached 2 Car Garages $30
Condominiums-up to 5 Rooms $200-$285
Mobile Homes $285-$320
Barns Ask for Quote
Any Dwelling over 50 Years Old (additional charge) $45
Additional Inspections
Type Price
Insect Inspection Only $95
Radon Air Test $135
Radon Water Test $60-$90
Water Test (standard) $100
Water Test (VA & FHA) $150-$250 Price Varies on Test Chosen
Well Flow - Test GPM $175
Mold Test Call for Quote
Infrared Inspections
Type Price
Infrared Home Inspections
Thermal scan inside walls for cold air intrustion.
**Please all for more available infrared services including electrical and moisture.
Infrared Home Inspection
Basic Package
Includes Energy Survey, Roof Inspection Structural Issues
Standard Plus Package
Basic Package plus Moisture Scan
Premium Packages
Basic Package plus Moisture, Electrical, Insulation

Prices may vary due to age and/or square footage and/or mileage.

All prices subject to change without notice.