Basic Inspection Includes
Type Included
Limited Site Elevation Yes
Roofing and Flashing Yes
Gutters and Drainage Yes
Chimney Exterior Yes
Siding Yes
Stairs & Railings Yes
Porches Yes
Decks and Stoops Yes
Doors and Windows Yes
Garage Door Safety Yes
Foundation and Framing Yes
Basement Seepage Yes
Electrical Yes
Heating and Central A/C Yes
Plumbing Yes
Halls and Stairways Yes
Interior Rooms Yes
Ventilation Yes
Attics (if accessible) Yes
Fireplaces and Wood Stoves Yes
Bath and Kitchen Fixtures Yes
Insect Inspection Yes
Also Available
Type Included
Water Analysis Additional Cost
Radon in Water Additional Cost
Radon in Air Additional Cost
Charcoal Canister Additional Cost
Septic Inspection Additional Cost
Mold Additional Cost