FLIR ThermaCam

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Infrared Thermal Inspections

Infrared Thermography for the Home Inspection Industry offers a ground breaking non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the conditions of residential buildings.

This technology now provides access to instantaneous precision high resolution thermal imagery in real time, which can discover existing or impending problems.

Energy Surveys

With soaring heating costs, make sure your furnace is not heating the outdoors. Infared images can pinpoint exact areas of heat loss for immediate repair.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections will allow you to find moisture damage and leaks before they become apparent

Structural Issues

Missing structural components , and portions of structural components which are damaged can be detected

Moisture/Water Intrusion

Scanning interior surfaces of a building with an infrared camera can reveal excess moisture due to plumbing leaks, roof leaks, leaks around windows, etc.

Electrical Inspections

Deficiences within the electrical system can be made visually apparent by use of an infrared camera which provides information on fuses, breakers, tranformers and other electrical components.

Insulation Deficiencies

Infrared scan detection of deficient or missing insulation in ceiling and wall surfaces.

Infrared Inspections
Type Price
Infrared Electrical Scan $100
Infrared Moisture Scan $200
Infrared Home Inspection
Type Price
Basic Package
Includes Energy Survey, Roof Inspection Structural Issues
Standard Plus Package
Basic Package plus Moisture Scan
Premium Packages
Basic Package plus Moisture, Electrical, Insulation